English Channel Tube Service

Packed up, we set off with a crowded car and two happy campers.Packed up and ready to go
Even with it being a Friday we made good time to the Channel Tunnel as we’d set off so late in the end.

The thing about the Channel Tunnel, is not that you need a second mortgage to buy their coffee, or have to sell your children to afford a basic Burger King hamburger [because you do]  the thing about it is – well, it’s simplicity really.
Turn up late, no problem, turn up forgetting everything – no problem!!
As you approach the barrier, your licence plate has already been caught on CCTV and a screen welcoming you by name is waiting.
signTicket instantly issued and you follow the lines into a car park waiting area where huge E-Boards feed your eyeballs info.Pet area
They have fantastic facilities for pets, but need to make a separate area for smaller ones, but in all – pretty good.

Follow the line out to the train…….. and, well – this isn’t rocket science at all.
BoardingHalf an hour later and in Gabby’s case – 22 push-ups later and the clichéd sounds of ribbeting, and trying to sound Fr**ce becomes a reality 😮

Straight out on to the highway/autobahn/autostrasse or whatever they call any of it and head for Belgium which just a little over 40 miles away, and no tolls.
Once in Belgium, find a rest area/services and like all the other Brits, pull up and get your first nights shuteye in Hotel du-Mondeo.


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