Strange people and Bathrooms

It is, as they say no mean feat for a sailor to have a lady in every port.

I was chuckling at this while driving through Belgium the following morning, having used the term only a couple of days before. We were near Brussels and we needed to freshen up, drink lots of coffee so pulled into the local roadside services.
After giving the mutts a short walk with Elsie (who is suffering from bladder stones) stopping every few feet, we went inside to do our own thing.
We complained about paying 50 cents as you do first thing in the morning and continued on.
Now, road side services bathroom are the club sandwich of ablutions, what I mean is; you can stay in finest hotels in the world to worst, but a club sandwich is a club sandwich… oh the price may vary wildly, but it’s just a club sandwich.

These Bathrooms however, were not! In fact you’d be hard to find better bathroom in a great hotel!! I was pleasantly surprised to the point I was thinking about going to get the camera – just when I heard someone else come in.
I go to wash my hands and there is a guy older than myself doing the full strip wash – I carry on as I hadn’t noticed any UK licence plates in the car park, when 3 mins later a slightly South East London/Kent accent appeared to emanate from the guy “Don’t s’pose you speak English?”

I said “ I hope so…. But there are those who say I’ve never spoken a word of it my life”
It turned out this gentleman lives in Spain but plays Snooker for a local club in the Brussels area. He’s in 70’s and been married 11 times… He travels around a lot, but home is in Spain and he can’t come back to the UK and was going to meet a lady that day for lunch.

I left and was about to tell Gabby when she said she could not help but over hear us, having the strangest conversation she’d heard in years.

A Lady in every port – seemed like a lot of driving to me


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