Worms… Germany

Where else? I hear you say….

Well Worms is a town sitting on one of the many important and strategic crossings of the Rhine.trav 1-5102
Back in the days of the Cold War, the Rhine was the fall back dividing line again an invading red army and Nato (it still is actually).
As such, every single crossing is designed to be packed with explosives a detonated at short notice.
This is engineering at its finest, designed to serve a purpose, be strong, be as elegant as it can be and designed to be destroyed quickly – like a child building Lego.

Besides that, it’s a quirky quaint town with roads that make little sense and where for the first time in years – I got almost sucked dry by insects of every kind.

On the Brightside though, I bought a map we didn’t and probably will never, ever need or use…
Gabby did her 22 Press-ups for PTSD Awareness and I miss my instant coffee a lot.


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