Belgium to Italy and the call for Support

It’s no great secret that our exit for the UK was far too fast and after having to lose so much of what we’d built as a home was and is a tough call.
However the journey through Belgium, Germany and Austria to Italian border could not have been more cathartic and almost stress relieving for us both.
The roads were great, no tolls at all, the rest stops were great and reasonably priced, the scenery was stunning!
I will return to this post later and add the actual route we took and a lot more photos.

We hit the Italian border with hardly enough to fill the tank and the stress was not helped by the…. How should I say this? …. The “indifference” offered by many of the Italians we met.
So the call went out:


And one person got us to the Sicilian port where we were hit by another massive blinder… instead of a much, much lower earlier quote, the ferry totalled 498 euros…
We were done, that was it…
How do we sell the car? What do we do with the dogs?
You see, while it’s important to let people know you need help, it’s a tough call to ask for it.
Why should they or anyone care? Or if we sit reading what a great time someone is having, I can’t knock them for that in any way.
But here is the reality of life – we may have come to step off a cliff into a massive void, but we came here to do it of our own free will, it was our choice and it was us that had the experiences.
Simply, everyone is built differently and I find it hard asking for help – so the term support means so much more.
There isn’t a soul who knows me that knows that I would not stop in moving heaven and earth for them if they needed it.  But until I had Gabby and two mutts in my life I could do that, I had no responsibility for anyone else. My point is, most do have responsibilities and for that I cannot ever ask a thing and why I stated on the home page, even if it’s a penny or a cent, it helps.
One strange thing is the common question “how much do you need?”…. Answer: No Clue…
You see I cannot ask any of this of any of you, but if you choose to help, then we are honoured and humbled by how you’ve risen to something that simply isn’t something that you needed to do, but wanted to do.
And that, that leaves me very humbled indeed. And I’m pretty sure that get you free accommodation on a nice sunny warm island if we get settled


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