Fern Pass – Created by the Romans, Driven by a moron

Getting to the end of the Route 7 in Germany, the Autobahn changedFern pass it’s name and itself into a straight forward two lane highway twisting and winding through the Austrian Alps towards Italy.
Sadly it was dark, but the space light back lit the peaks giving a hint that we were driving through something truly magnificent.
How the dogs kept the little tummies in one place was a tribute to the at least mental concept of two corks and a mallet.
Tunnels that bent and twisted as much as the roads carried us under, over and around mountain after mountain.
Finally as dawn broke we pulled in for a bathroom break and to watch the sunrise above peaks, with clouds forming below us.
To say it was mesmerising was an understatement.

We headed down the pass and pulled in to freshen up and take on coffee aFern pass-4t pet where a slightly over jovial attendant speaking what I would call “Hollywood” English made us coffee and sold us strange pastries.

The sun was up and as the newly former clouds started to rise further up the valleys the stunning countryside became more apparent and akin to the lavish lifestyle of such literary characters as Heidi (whom, I was trying to convince Gabby that she lived in this house).

Fern pass-2Stopping once again at Nauders to walk the mutts, grab coffee and amazingly fast and powerful Wifi.
Stunned and over-awed we finally turned away and headed into Italy.

After all… what did the Romans ever do for us? 🙂


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