Lazy Hazy Sunday Afternoon


We’re here by the side of the road in the shade Lazy1offered by Conifers, walls and Prickly Pears…
It’s 37 Celsius, the mutts are suffering an extreme shellshock now with daily and every evening celebratory fireworks—something we did not expect especially with them starting at 8am. In fact every time we coax Elsie out of the car, she just crawls under it.
This on top of her bladder stone issue and adjustment to the heat has left her with little will to eat.

Lazy2Sadly, we have seriously wondered if this will be her last road trip and adventure with us, as her ailments are one thing, but nothing will kill her quicker than not eating and drinking.

We’ve been on the island now for two weeks, even travelled to the smaller island of Gozo to look around there and we’ve now worked out the road system here to a point. At the end of this we can say which areas we both like and prefer on both islands.

There may be some employment interest in the Lazy4coming week and we can only hope this is
true. I have applied for job after job here and the thing that is annoying is the lack of speed…
Obviously we’re still living out of the car, but this has been broken up with time with AirBnB, in fact we stayed with a fantastic couple who hail from Portugal and the information they imparted was not only fantastic, useful but on the back of that, not only did they not pull punches regarding the iGaming industry here they kindly invited to stay for a further evening free of charge.
Needless to say, the Airbnb write up with be stunning 🙂

So what now and next?

Well it can only get better, if I get the job (in my dreams) that I’m short listed for, you’re
unlikely to hear of many complaints from us 🙂
If I don’t… “Houston…………………………..”

As a few know I’m keenly into photography and Malta is stunning location for so many styles.
My own personal things are landscape, street, dark/gothic/mild fet, old derelict buildings, sunsets and historic context.
Well this place just ticks every single box there is for me.
However, until such time as I get my hands on a good camera, lenses, rotolights etc, the greatness of these will have to stay in my minds-eye.

But, above all we need a home and we need an income, but at least that hasn’t prevented us seeking out adventure!
Only the last very post I showed a small amount of the incredibly talented graffiti in Malta, well while home searching yesterday – we saw more of the similar style and I’m sure we’ll show you more, but until then here is a taster 🙂


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