If I had a Dream….

So we’re here… the last 3-4 years have been a vast learning curve, understanding far much more than what appears to be the many lives I have already lived in this one (since 1965 any way).

We came to the UK from the US because a legal compensation claim I was fighting and after almost 6 years, it really does seem like we’re still the only ones being screwed over by lawyers. As such, while I have applied for over 200 jobs, Visas ran out and the UK Govt Immigration policy towards Ally countries is the stuff of pure disbelief.

So what of this time, the here and now…. Well if I had a dream, it wouldn’t be to win the lottery, these massive sums of money desensitise people from the value of money and true cost of life and there is almost certainly no sense of achievement involved, thus it lowers your own self-respect and self-worth…

No, if I had a hare brained plan it would be this…

Get Employed in not just a “make do” job, but a real job that has a little “clout”.  From that plan to spend no less than 1 to 2 years here…

camerasGet the photographic equipment and experience I want and so desperately need in my spare time.
Post on the web like mad…
Vlog this awesome island daily
And re address the symbolism here of the Maltese Cross and of course the George Cross.
Just be prolific in my spare time.
(also get teeth and the dog fixed)

classB-exteriorFrom here we go back to the UK, but this time we’ll seek ownership of a small RV to travel more.
If the UK is out, or later – head to the US, or more specifically Northern Arizona.

And continue…  There is so much to do, produce and a craving to get on with it.

As for Gabby… well I’d like to think she could achieve a Marathon and Ultra in every EU country and North American State.

So there you have it – a dream, I’m 51 and I still want to do more, create more, travel more and be more.

What do you want to do?



2 thoughts on “If I had a Dream….

  1. That’s fantastic!!
    We’re avid fans of Gone with the Wynns and others on Youtube. We thought about going full time RV’ing about 4 years ago out of Light Rock, and still want to do it.
    We will follow your journey!! 🙂


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