This Piece of me, This world of mine

With a heading like that, this blog post better be good right?

It’s strange here, certainly by the sea at night the humidity can be off the charts. This often means I can’t sleep in the present circumstances. So I take to mild stargazing, wishing I could do star and night sky  shots with the camera and I keep going until the weight of the eyelids finally become too great – about an hour before sunrise.
I feel, if we get to stay here, dehumidifier ownership might be a must.
AC on Malta is strangely quite rare. At first I thought this was a left over relic of the British time on the island, but as it turns out electricity is crazy expensive and few can ever afford to run an AC unit.
As such, unless you work in an AC environment, you must become acclimatised here – humidity and all!

Malta is a strange island nation in flux, it’s Laneexploding with people, but doesn’t have the infrastructure for this. Some of the roads can and will destroy cars and tyres quickly and the potholes here are the stuff of legend.
Strangely, the lack of affordable AC, in the land of Knights and where the fan is your friend, is another simple thing that slows the natural growth of the population and the prosperity.
Yet, like us, people still come and when solar takes the place of the grid power, electricity will become, like in other countries – worthless.

StMartins1In between our daily chase of disappointment here, we have as we point out in our almost daily vlogs, a superb opportunity to truly explore some of the mysteries and wonders that are Malta and the strange or quaint things you literally see by the side of the road.
Gabby often spots them and I try to find a place to pull in before we all dive out and go look, like the church of St Martins which is in a cave by the side of the road. Ironically this was found by taking side roads looking for “To Let” signs.

So while we need work and a home, we are driven by a passion to take a photographic record of this island and it’s history in a way that has never been done before.  Seriously, this is starting to become a burning ambition, but typically without all the basic things in place there won’t be the camera upgrade and equipment purchases so sorely need to do any of it.
It’s an opportunity here and we’re letting it slip.

We did meet Nick who runs with his partner Flora. Nick is a goldmine of local information and is like minded as to how Malta is presently presented to the world and how it could or at least should be. bm-logo

As the next few days roll around and we make decisions whether to stay, leave, settle in Gozo or stay on the main island and go corporate again with my soul, but that’s life and I have to say, irrespective of the stress and discomfort, we have seen, witnessed and been a part of things we simply wouldn’t have been if we were neatly tucked up in cozy beds.
Gozo was weird, it’s quiet, nicer actually and one of the few places I ever heard this phrase fall from Gabby’s mouth: “I could run here”.  That’s a big deal for a runner to say apparently 😉

Malta and its people are in no rush to do pretty much anything, sadly I cannot say the same for us.


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