Malta or Bust…


It’s no good… I keep writing posts and not posting them!

So, let’s play a little catch up.

We’ve moved mountains since being here. For the country, the buildings, the history and the ruins it has been stunning and most certainly the kind of place you fall in love with. While here we’ve travelled to every town, learned to eat in the local places, travelled just about every road and those things they sometimes mistake for roads, highways, otherwise known as concentrated collections of tyre cutting, rim buckling and suspension smashing real estate.

We love it… but the other side of all of this is the sheer lack of moving and doing anything quickly. So much so, in order to eat I had to take the most dangerous job of my life and one where they turned a completely blindfolded look at any form of EU regulation, law, or any area of safety.

As such, after 8 weeks of getting nowhere we have come to the point where we have no option other than to leave Malta.

This is a bitter sweet thing for me because I found so many locations I wanted to shoot, opening up a massive creative arc of new as yet never done artistic concepts which would be highly beneficial to the promotion of this place.

Alas tomorrow (Wednesday) we cross the line of no return and our plans must move to action and the leaving of this island on Saturday. If I’d been filling in my Tripadvisor, I’d have been some super travel guru by now, hold on, I think I already was by their standards [shock…]

As such we moved into the cheapest AirBnB in Malta that accepted dogs to reorganise, clean up and re-prepare the car for the journey.  Also re-writing CV’s and searching for work to guide our direction of travel.

I will talk of Malta for years to come, the good, the great and the stuff you don’t see or hear of during a tourist visit to the Island and I will most certainly report on the recruitment process and of companies, some huge multinationals and of how they act and don’t act in this arena. I will talk of the awesome people who grew up here and those who have settled and I will talk of the slow destruction of the islands in the hands of i-Gaming industry and how their bringing of gifts is the most poisonous thing of all.

Learning to always walk a mile in someone else’s shoes is about the most intelligent thing you can do, and for us, the sun sets here and tomorrow truly is a new dawn.

“Morning Glory” Mellieha Bay  by Simon Wilshire











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