Blasket Islands, Star Wars, and a Raffle

Earlier this week we camped out on the Dingle Peninsula and discovered the Blasket Islands were literally just right there.  Part of the video was shot while we sat on the ferry dock enjoying the shelter from the wind and soaking in the sunshine.  It wasn’t until later that we discovered just how significant the Islands were in Ireland literature and have a very fascinating history; the last 22 residents were removed by the government in 1953 because it was becoming too dangerous for them to remain.  I will be adding ‘An Old Woman’s Reflections–The Life of a Blasket Island Storyteller‘ by Peig Sayers to my reading wish list.

Oh and we also found where they filmed part of Star Wars Episode 8 which Simon was far more fascinated with, check out the vlog about it here!

Don’t forget about our raffle, it’s a chance to win a custom commission from the ever so talented Treehuggery, Jackie has very kindly donated  the art (which will be whatever you and she dream up!) and the shipping (framed to the UK, unframed elsewhere) to help us raise the funds to get me (Gabby) and the mutts back to the states.  It’s 5 bucks per entry and you can enter here until the 22nd.  Thank you!

A sample of Jackie’s previous commissions




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