2017… A new place, HelpX and a scary New Year

Well it seems we’ve managed to kick off a New Year without a pile of dead Celebs…. (thankfully)
As I write we’ve just left the most extraordinary place you could imagine.
We found a site called “helpX.net” where for the exchange food and board (and sometimes, but very rarely, small income) .
It’s brilliant!! You get somewhere to stay and do around 6 hrs work a day and the rest of the time is yours.  house2.png
We stayed with a family who are the residents and owners of the amazing “Firmount House”, a  place that could only be described as what happens when history, country mansion, cold war and former military ownership collide head on!!!
wallAnd what a place it is, but when they decided way back when to make it a civil defence Nuke proof operations centre, they immediately hit the place with tons of concrete and rebar!!
It’s a mind blowing mix of architecture, govt.  institutional makeover and cold war brutality! And yet made it into this great music video!

scrape1But work we did, cleaning walls, stripping paint from old window frames, old cast iron drain pipes, even pruning trees and Gabby shifted rocks like an old colonial prisoner!firmount-house
The owners have amazing and sound plans for the place which they plan to open this year to the public.  Eilin and David, Eilin being a native of Dublin and David coming from the Cape Town area of South Africa met in London and as life marriage and children appeared, started looking for a home and project back in Ireland, close enough to Dublin, yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle.
huse 747474 (1 of 1).jpg

I truly enjoy sitting around a table for a meal of great food and wine and listening, talking with people from backgrounds so varied than my own.
I do find it strange that after a life of being a contractor and have done what some would call cool stuff, that I feel uneasy to say “I worked here, there, lived in, spent time” and so on.  But the truth is, while I have had a life, I’m also proud of what I’ve achieved – albeit, I’d have achieved much more had I had my own tools to hand I think.

As we are grateful to Eilin and David, I hope we were of help and a mildly interesting couple to touch their lives and as we sit here in the “Garryhinch Forest” carpark with Gabby wrestling with flights for her and the Dogs to return to the USA, I truly do hope we all have a better year.

Personally, my year will be very different and as of yet, we have no firm plans other than to get Gabby to the US
From here on out, the story may take many turns, I MUST find work and I don’t really care much where it is. .  I have applied for more jobs on a day to day basis and a further 6 roles with Amazon only yesterday.
I have a car to fix, teeth to repair and at some point see a doctor about the “old man test” :/

But to all of you reading this, please be safe – never fear the crap in the news,  and remember; everything always works out in the end.

It can be the best year of your making if you want it bad enough – and I do 🙂

For more info on Firmount House, just Google “@Firmount” and you’ll find an abundance of info.
Or try these
Firmount Website


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