New Day, progress and choices


This morning, like so many, I get up to the skeletal headache from excessive grinding of teeth (lost three since the beginning of the journey).
Gabby is back in the USA and taking in her first job interview today and I, with over 1000 applications for work, am trying to get my head back in the game.
This year is gonna be a make or break for us, there are people that owe and have done nothing (this is in ref. to a legal battle), there are friends who have got us through every step of the last 6 months, (this support has been staggering) and yes, it’s been 6 whole months since we set off in a last ditch attempt to remain as a family unit.

It has been, and is tough, and we have had the most incredible roller coaster in experiences, our relationship and stress. But we have laughed too, and oh-boy have we laughed.

But today is different, today the emotional bridge that joins us is further away than ever, and in order for that to not impede functionality, instead of letting tension and stress spiral, it is better just to simply take a step back to catch breath, focus, and re-assert.
We know this, because when living in a space no more than 12 inches apart, spirals are bad, bad things.
The reality is that you simply cannot gauge through the medium of Skype, the world can start off as a smile, but have entirely different meanings. You cannot touch, you cannot place a hand on a shoulder and you cannot always convey a deeper emotional need. And sometimes, it’s hard to take a full stream conversation in the direction you need to take it.

So today we wind down our input into Gabby and Simon. I [Simon] have stepped off Facebook for a few days so I can refocus and Gabby is making true and sure progress back in Arkansas.

I guess it’s strange (for me anyway), a few years ago I came bearing gifts, a hope of a new life. I’d been staying with a friend and came to snap Gabby up off her feet.
Now, I’m staying with a friend, Gabby is back almost where she started and it does leave you wondering what just happened over the last few years.

Well whatever happens, it’s never going to improve while sitting around waiting to Skype, stuff needs to be done, so we’re going to get on and do it.
I will be posting another video or two of things we have done but not, as yet, edited.


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