oh…. I found this

So there I was last night… it was 2am and I had cranked up my big PC tbig-pchat had not been fired up since September of last year.
It had accumulated sand and dust from the four corners of Europe and if I was honest, I was a little nervous. You see, while most of the videos and images are worked on with my trusty Dell Inspiron, the big PC was built from the outset to do not just Graphic Design, but video effects and editing. Now four years old, it’s more powerful that anything any manufacture sell as an off the shelf product and was a fraction of the price to build it.

I have digressed…

So I’m searching for files and transferring 770 gigabytes to the server when I notice a folder I had previously uploaded… The Lorient Submarine Base… a yet neither edited or uploaded video we shot of this, a most formidable place the Nazi’s ran most of the their North Atlantic operations from.

But while we were filming, we kept hearing a heavier type if helicopter near, but we couldn’t see it… we later saw what it was doing; training French Commandos…
I, of course, added a ton of benign humour to my thought process, especially in the area of “they’re keen to get away”.
But if the truth be known, French military history is more full of standing ground in the face of overwhelming odds and dying than just about any other nations history. A fact no less, of only ever outdone by soldiers serving the Duke of Wellington in the Battle of Assaye – but that battle had the added benefit of being won by the Iron Duke, irrespective of overwhelming odds.

Here’s a very short video of what they were actually doing… and it looked like fun!


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