Hi !
We’re Gabby, Simon, Elsie (Miniature Schnauzer) and Ben (a Havanese) and due to our plight  with UK Immigration we we had to leave the UK to stand any chance of remaining a family.

Gabby is a US citizen and has lived with her British Partner for several years. While Gabby worked and worked hard in the UK, Simon was unable to find work after several hundred job applications prior to Gabby’s Visa running out.  As such, this has effectively excluded Simon and Gabby from the United Kingdom and the place they called home.

Initially travelling to Malta on the promise work, a home and maybe an entire life, we were let down and after months of searching for work in Malta (the only job turning out to dangerous beyond belief), returned to the European mainland to continue our search.
We travelled, camped, slept in the car… country to country, application for job after job, over 600 in fact.
It’s here where the impact of the Brexit vote impacted us  with being told to our faces “why should we employ someone who is from a country leaving the EU?”
Hitting Ireland and sadly later hitting a concealed curb at speed resulting in vast damage to our car, the ultimate result meant that our intense 5 month search across Europe came to an end, the UK govt finally ripping our family apart with Gabby having to repatriate to the United States and Simon limping his car back to the UK for repairs that no one has any money for.

The story, and trials continue with Simon trying to get to the USA to be with Gabby and ultimately to return to the place they made a home in the UK.


Gabby served with the US Military, can drive a Big Rig and is a massive Running Nut!
She is also a qualified Running Instructor and Nordic Walking Instructor and when not doing these, she’s probably doing a core workout somewhere or loving on her dogs.

Simon served with the UK Military, like Gabby he can drive pretty much everything and adds being a Land Rover qualified Instructor.  He is a technologist at heart, working on the original 4G design team and is fairly crazy about graphic design, guitar and Instant Coffee.

We actually like travelling, if we could find a way to do this in a better set up capacity we would cover the entire planet. Previously we road tripped the USA extensively.

Gabby runs two other blogs : Gabsatrucker  and Of Runsound Mind
Simon is the owner and namesake at TWBrit

Follow us on our journey, please feel free to offer support, ideas and insights.